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From this day on, my gallery will be having a 4th folder. It will contain photographs of animals. Not because I'm a great photographer, because I'm just not. But I do love to go outsite, very much. I do not simply love nature, words cannot describe how much I appreciate what's all out there. This has been so since I was a kid, like 6 or 7 years old, when I first got into birdwatching (jej birdwatching :D). And untill this day, it has only gotten worse and worse. I do now watch birds, dragon and damselflies, moths and butterflies, plants, and whatever I encounter in general when I'm into the green. Ow gosh I do love those things so much. That's why I have decided to dedicate an entire folder to the sheer beauty of whatever it is I have photographed. Not because my photographs are beautiful, I don't consider them being art. It's the beauty of living things I want to share. The art lies in the desing of those creatures. I know a lot of people just don't care, others loath insects. But to me, they are everything. I want to share what I find, even when I don't always know how to give name to what I see.  But share I will! And by doing so, I hope that other people will be able to see what I see, even if they don't like them. It's not about the question if an animal is usefull or not (I agree, I myself still don't see the use of musquitos). It's about beauty. If you want to see it, you sometimes have to look hard. I never liked wasps either, but when I took a better look at those nasty stinging, picknick-ruining insects, I learned that they are actually stunning animals in design. That's what this folder is all about, about the designs, and to let you see that a wasp is more than just a stinger with wings attached. 


Japanese Foo lion by servetej
Japanese Foo lion
I'm not in the possesion of a scanner right now :( but I guess this'll do. Not exactly something I put a lot of effort in. It was more a practise on how to make 3D effects. 3D effects are in the top spirals on it's head. Some I messed up, others are pretty well done for someone who knows not so much on how to do 3D c: 
Tampon shaped jellyfish by servetej
Tampon shaped jellyfish
I honestly don't know what this is! Looks like a tampon shaped jellyfish to me.
Smooth newt by servetej
Smooth newt
I left my hometown for half a year because I am doing a traineeship in some other part of The Netherlands. There aren't any salamanders where I live, I think it's too cold for them. So now I live on Texel, one of the Frisian Island. Some morning I opend my back door to water my plants. At first I thought, why is there a worm underneeth my door post? When I wanted to take the worm back to the grass, it turned out it had feed, and a tail. Oh the suprise! I had find a salamander! Jej lucky me :D.
Sea hedgehog by servetej
Sea hedgehog
Did'nt know what on earth I had found! And then the spikes started to move. Turnes out, this is a kind of sea hedgehog. The first one I've ever seen.

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