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"go outside and explore! nature is very generous and you always come home a richer person than when you left" - Lisette

Who am I?
First of all and most importantly, I'm a birdwatcher. when I was 6 or 7 years old my dad took me and my sisters on long bike rides in the weekends. we would see all kinds of species of birds and he taught me what they were (lapwings, oystercatchers, godwits, kestrels). at home he had a Peterson's birdguide of Europe, that was such an amazing book, soooo many different birds! that sparked my interest, I became obsessed. birdwatching is to this day one of the things I enjoy most in life. the birdwatching thing has become bigger and bigger for me, leading to a general interest/obsession in everything green and natural. I love it to bids, words can't describe really.
bigger and bigger: the first birds you learn are blackbirds, blue and great tits (hehe, tits), sparrows and stuff like that (common garden birds everyone knows). I don't keep an exact list, but one day I picked up a birdguide and counted all the species I've ever seen with certainty and counted more than 160 (prolly more than 170 by now). 160 different species of bird. here's some homework: write down 160 species, not with a birdguide, but straight from the brain. that's hard isn't it? now you know how big nature is, sort of (it's bigger still, it's bigger than both you and I will ever realize).

what does that have to do with my art?
well, birdwatching hasn't just led to an overall obsession with nature. it also somehow was a motivation to start drawing. I want to become the best I can, I've been drawing birds since the moment I started birdwatching and I'll always keep doing that. but I'm also interested in learning how to draw other stuff that I find out there, plants, trees, dragonflies, butterflies, moths, beetles, everything, because those things have such amazing designs.

what's the goal?
I'm not that good, yet. I want to get better. but when I do, I'd love to draw in such a way that my drawings let people look at things through my eyes. some people really think spiders are disgusting. but if only they could use my eyes when looking at a spider, ow how they would change their minds, really (spiders are SO beautiful <3). and if people would see the world as it is (so incredibly beautiful that it hurts), then maybe they would be a bit more careful with it. we're destroying the most beautiful planet in the entire universe in a very efficient way, I hate that. I can't force people to behave. but I can maybe motivate them to think about their own behaviour and let them see what it really is they're taking for granted and throwing away like it's nothing right?
and I'd also love to motivate people to go outside and explore the world themselves c: nobody is an indoor person, I once heard that phrase on the radio, I've been thinking about it, and it's true. why on earth should you stay inside anyway? being outside is good for you, it's good for both your physical and mental health. you can learn so much from nature! it's really the best teacher out there.
so what happened last month... not much because I'm free! free free free! dun with school n everything n everyone. but for serious, I finished the last ittybitty things I needed to finish for school. the result: next Thursday I'll be having that piece of paper that says I'm allowed to be let loose in a laboratory by my own *evilgrin* whoever came up with that idea must really hate humanity. ow I said for serious. so, for serious. after next Thursday I'll have a bachelor's degree in Analytical Chemistry. Eat that, every single person in the past who said I was dumb and worthless! but until then I'll just take some time off, have a bit of time for myself, have a brake after a year of real hard work.

what else happened this month? I got myself a new camera, a better camera which I bought on piled up birthday monies. I plan on buying a macro-lens, because I want to photograph smol things, bugs and plants and flowers. the stuff I love so much but most people don't pay any notice too. I want to be able to photograph them and draw them, and maybe show people what it is they're missing because it's all so beautiful <3.

last month was March, which is spring month. so I sad at home, free from everything, with my new camera, at the end of winter. I so wanted to go outside to explore and photograph. but it was cold and gray and stupid. that really made me so grumpy! spring come on! but last Tuesday I FINALLY (that's mostly something that happens two weeks earlier) heared the first singing chiffchaff of the year and I got so exited. moments like that are like jet fuel to me and I danced on my own while walking through the fields, so happy I was and I couldn't help but to smile uncontrollably. the first chiffchaff of the year is when spring is born, it's the most magical moment of the year.

I've also been drawing. I planned to draw five drawings in the last five days. but I keep forgetting how much time one single drawing costs. so I have started doing two, but I haven't finished a single one :P. but since I'm free anyway, I'm gonna brake my own rules once more (that's were rules are made for right?) and upload stuff next week's Saturday as well. there are so many ideas hanging in the air, I need to learn to be selective because I can't put all of the ideas I get on paper in a single lifetime. so why waste time on a bad idea... that's just stupid. Bye! gonna upload some stuff now and then draw.


dont. fricking. litter. RIP dear friend by servetej
dont. fricking. litter. RIP dear friend
I'm sorry for having to post a dead bird (European jay, Garrulus glandarius) for once. is this even art? yes it is. not the photograph, the bird is. look at it's colours, the black and white from it's primaries and tailfeathers, the black and blue from those little feathers, the beige colour of it's body and head, the black spot next to it's bill... but most important is how those colours together build up an animal that is so beautiful, that even after years of birdwatching, my heart still makes a happy dance when I see one fly by.

but as you can see, none of that is relevant anymore, the beauty of it all is actually gone, since it's stone dead. you know why? it suffocated in a piece of nylon around it's neck that was randomly hanging in a tree, with no reason. is there any more useless way of dying? that's what makes me both sad and angry, it could still have been alive. no predator ate it, no parasite made use of it to spread itself, there's no scientist that used it for research, nothing of that all. but it's still removed from the place where it belonged. it's this time of the year, so there's probably somewhere a nest with young birds that misses one of it's parents, and the other parent missing it's counterpart (corvids are monogamous and very social). in nature everything happens for a reason and everything exists for a reason. dying to become nothing in a piece of nylon is the opposite what's natural.

think about what you throw away next time when you're outside. because you don't know what effect it will have. you don't want to be responsible for something like this would you?
Erithacidae by servetej
Erithacus komadori (Ryukyu robin), an endemic Japanese species of robin
Erithacus rubecula (European robin), lives in my backyard
Robins aren't cute and cuddly, young robins are entirely brown for a reason. If they had red chests, their parents would scare them away because they would mistake their chicks for enemies. I tried to make them look fierce, as if they were going to fight and scare each other away. 

Go google Erithacus komadori yourself. It's really beautiful, but that didn't come out that well in my drawing.

The idea of putting komadori and rubecula in one drawing is kinda old. I decided to finally draw this a few weeks ago, and then I added the pink and white Prunus flowers, just to make the drawing look fancy fancy. I really love this season of the year when the Prunus trees are flowering, a flowering Prunus tree is one of the most beautiful things on this planet (in my opinion).
Ow yeah and I choose pink for the komadori, because that's how most Japanese trees look like. I choose white and green for rubecula, because that's how wild apple and pear trees look like in my town c: so it's a bit of a multi-culti piece isn't it?

I'm personally very proud of this piece, cuz as my sister stated "it's one of the prettiest you've ever made!" and my sister knows me too well. It's not one of the prettiest, it's the best I've done so far. So I put it in a frame around it and I gave it to her. It's too red for me too keep anyway (I'm more of a blue-person). Working with so much red was weird for me, I felt weird, can't really describe how or why though.
Orange tip by servetej
Orange tip
it's orange on the inside, but it didn't want to open it's wings for a nice shot, so this is everything you'll get to see :S

linked to this sketch: link
Twijzeler mieden by servetej
Twijzeler mieden

this is some place on earth. but to me it's not just a place, it's THE place. this is were I go the most to explore. and I have SO many memories of going here and finding gems. there are a lot of species of animals that I've seen here for the first time or that I got to learn better here (great bittern, redpoll, green sandpiper, ermine, European stonechat, reed bunting...), or seen while I hadn't seen them very often (like that one winter when there was flying a peregrin falcon around). there was that one time I thought I saw a flock of starlings, which turned out to be a flock of freaking RUFFS of between 50 - 100 birds Psychotic . it's a place where they take care of nature, they don't mow the grass too often and only after the chicks of the lapwings and the godwits have grown up. so there are a lot of species here that are scarce elsewhere, or under pressure because of agriculture, but here you can find them all together all happy and dancing, and I just love this piece of our beloved planet.

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